Science claims to have all the answers, yet …

It’s interesting to me how often what is “known” changes. People claim to have all of the answers and speak so definitively, then when the “facts” change they just start spewing the new “facts” and pretend nothing has changed. It’s just frustrating to me to arrogance they display.

The latest thing that drives me nuts (because I want to lose weight) is nutrition and weight loss. There is just SO MUCH conflicting opinion and diverse “facts.”

Here is the List of 13 Myths debunked.

What’s funny is – I agree with most of these (Meaning that I believe what they are saying is a myth, I agree are myths). But why? If we are dealing with “facts” why is there room for opinion?

What about this? There is no such think as a gluten allergy? Hmmm.


Finally the TRUTH is out … Global Warming causes EVERYTHING

Anyone who has paid attention to the whole global warming garbage probably knows that Prince Charles is right up there with Al Gore in his idiocy. So, this isn’t surprising, just more stupidity.

The Civil war in Syria is a “terrifyingly graphic” example of the negative effects of climate change. IDIOT!

If you read my book, or heard me rant …

I have often times gone off on how much I hate the computer models the Global Warming morons have used to try to turn our planet into a Communist Utopia. Here’s a nice article on how inaccurate their predictions have been.

These idiots intentionally put their bias into their models and then wonder why they can’t get accurate projections. If you want accurate projections, you need to be seeking truth, not trying to support a theory.

UPDATE!!! Even the proponents admit the increase was 1/4 of projection.

The scientific process requires you to try to disprove the theory … OK, don’t get me started.

Global Warming still on hold?

Just a quick couple things …

Did you know the amount of Arctic ice was up 60% this year over last? That is a huge difference, especially because the Global Warming people were claiming 2013 would see the ice disappear from the Arctic.

Also, how much global warming has there been over the last 100 years? (Assuming the 100 year old stats are accurate enough to compare to the technology we use today – I’m just sayin’) 5 degrees? 10 degrees? 20 degrees? 30 degrees? Think about it, if it was 30 degrees, that would mean that in 1913 Phoenix would have had high temperatures of about 80-85 in the summer. And they would have gotten down near 0 degrees in winter. What kind of idiots could think that?

For the answer, watch Saturday’s Wonderful World of Stu!

A blue planet that rains glass?

This story is an example of why I doubt so much I see in astronomy stories these days.

This drives me nuts – these “artist conceptions” are very misleading as to what we can really see. Where are the actual photos from Hubble? I have a feeling to see them we would be totally underwhelmed. Just a few years ago, they still admitted we had no proof of planets outside our solar system (I have no doubt they exist by the way – so don’t think I’m stupid or a planet denier.), but now they have taken some theories people have created about light variations when observing stars and all of the sudden we have “seen” dozens (or probably hundreds by now) of planets in other solar systems. 

They claim to be able to see this (or other “huge” planets) by a 3% reduction in the light from their star we can see from Earth, what are the odds? The Universe (and our galaxy for that matter) is in 3 dimensions, what are the odds that all of these planets they claim to see are on a perfectly flat (in line with our planet) plane that is visible from our vantage point? Just Wondering.

And another thing … I’d like to be able to read the science behind how they claim the planet is raining glass. Basically this whole thing is based on their claim that the hubble telescope has determined that a planet exists and it appears to be blue. How does that tell us what the atmosphere is, how fast it’s rotating on its axis (assuming it is), what the temperature is, or a whole host of other things? Every few years I read about the latest findings on the planets in our own solar system. You might be surprised at how much what we “know” about our own planetary neighbors changes every few years. 

Fun to think about, but I’m sorry, I question its value.

What a crock!

“The world is using the equivalent of one and a half planets to support life on Earth.  Earth Hour was born out of a hope that this could change.”

And this “statistic” was pulled out of who’s butt? How many planets were in the survey?

They actually think people should take them seriously? Give me a break.

What a bunch of idiots!

A quick, inconvenient post

I just thought it was time for a few little reminders mixed in with some of the idiocy of the day. Just to help you remember.

I’m sure when you heard about the asteroid and the meteor the other day, the first thing you wondered was whether or not global warming had caused them. Well, CNN did!

In case you didn’t know it the UN might actually be preparing to admit that the Sun might be the cause of some temperature increases. This followed up even more evidence that they aren’t honest about the alleged warming.

Of course last year we hit the point of no return. We are all going to die and we can’t stop it. And people who don’t believe in global warming are on the side of the terrorists, or what ever polluters are called.

You probably remember how they claimed 2012 was the hottest year on record, but these claims are pretty dubious … Or maybe you never did hear that. Hmmm.What a shock. Just like you never hear when anyone points out how Obama’s “facts” aren’t always true, or that the alleged Ozone hole is shrinking (again). I thought the polar ice caps where going to melt and were were all going to be flooded out. Then they said that the Ozone hole was keeping the ice from melting. But I guess that was before they realized it had shrunk. It’s sucks when you have to constantly have to change your story to meet the latest facts.

How are we going to survive? The CIA shut down their climate change unit? WHAT???

At least we have “green energy” and electric cars to help save the planet, right? Although, solar does have a huge problem with hazardous waste. Of course, to be honest many items that California declares to be hazardous waste aren’t in other states…

And Electric cars are going to kill us too (maybe even faster). In case you didn’t know it, that stupid Prius is actually powered by coal in half of the country. (Electricity has to be generated – it’s not magic, eco-friendly fairy dust.)

What about the poor polar bears? I think they all died… except their numbers are growing.