Science claims to have all the answers, yet …

It’s interesting to me how often what is “known” changes. People claim to have all of the answers and speak so definitively, then when the “facts” change they just start spewing the new “facts” and pretend nothing has changed. It’s just frustrating to me to arrogance they display.

The latest thing that drives me nuts (because I want to lose weight) is nutrition and weight loss. There is just SO MUCH conflicting opinion and diverse “facts.”

Here is the List of 13 Myths debunked.

What’s funny is – I agree with most of these (Meaning that I believe what they are saying is a myth, I agree are myths). But why? If we are dealing with “facts” why is there room for opinion?

What about this? There is no such think as a gluten allergy? Hmmm.


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